Bishop Creek:
Two beautiful canyons, with two lakes located in the top of each canyon.   Bishop Creek is located 19 miles west on Bishop on Line St.  In big pines and Aspen Trees, the campgrounds are, Bitterbrush, Big Trees, Forks, Four Jefferies, Willow, Mt. Glen, Intake 2, Bishop Park, and Sabrina, with group camps at Bishop Park Group, and Table Mt. Group.



Sabrina and Big Pine Creek have both been listed as top California campgrounds in Sunset Magazine's annual survey of the West's Best Camping

Campground Information



If you are planning on visiting our campgrounds in the Big Pine Canyon I am sorry to say they will not be open for Fishmas. We had some problem with water and they will be open in a couple of weeks.
The Bitterbrush, Big Trees, Forks, Intake 2, and Bishop Park campgrounds should be open for the fishmas. 4 Jefferies will be closed due to water problems.
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Looks like the 4 Jefferies campgrounds in Bishop Creek will not be open for the fish opener due to bad water sample. We are working with USFS on getting the water tank cleaned so we can get open ASAP, I will keep you informed. There will be other campgrounds open in the Bishop Creek for you enjoyment. ... See MoreSee Less

The following campgrounds will not be open for the April opener: Big Pine Creek, Sabrina Campground, North Lake, Bishop Park, Willow, Mt Glen. The following will be open, Bitter Brush, Big Trees, Forks, and 4 Jefferies. The campgrounds not mentioned is because I don't know at this time. ... See MoreSee Less

Some good news I was up the canyons yesterday and the snow is almost gone. We will try to get our campgrounds open it depends on if we can the water turn one and get approval from the county of Inyo that the water is OK for drinking. Stay tuned and I will let you know what is open and what it not. Happy Camping. ... See MoreSee Less

I have some good news and some bad. Due to weather condition (snow) the Big Pine Creek Campgrounds will not be open for the trout opener. I would suggest that you camp in one of our campgrounds in the Bishop Creek Canyon. Bitterbrush, Big Trees, Forks and 4 Jefferies campgrounds should be open. Bishop Park and Intake II will not, due to snow. We are still working hard to get our campgrounds open but we have to make this decision. If we screwed up your plans I am sorry please try one of our open campgrounds. Stay turn to this site for the latest updates on the campground in the Big Pine Creek and Bishop Creek drainage. ... See MoreSee Less