Bishop Creek:
Two beautiful canyons, with two lakes located in the top of each canyon.   Bishop Creek is located 19 miles west on Bishop on Line St.  In big pines and Aspen Trees, the campgrounds are, Bitterbrush, Big Trees, Forks, Four Jefferies, Willow, Mt. Glen, Intake 2, Bishop Park, and Sabrina, with group camps at Bishop Park Group, and Table Mt. Group.



Sabrina and Big Pine Creek have both been listed as top California campgrounds in Sunset Magazine's annual survey of the West's Best Camping

Campground Information



Great news. Big pine creek campground will open Thursday 6-29-17.
Looking forward to seeing you!
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Sage Flats is open! ... See MoreSee Less

Great news! Upper Sage Flat campground is open. Come up and enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

We just wanted to update you as we approach the weekend. We have been diligently working in the Big Pine campgrounds all week, and had hoped to have at least a couple of them open.

Unfortunately, the water systems took quite a hit from the winter weather and it has taken longer than we anticipated. So we will not be able to open this weekend.

Again, we apologize. We know you are all anxious to get up there and camp, and we want to assure you we are doing everything we can to be able to provide a safe camping experience for you.

In the meantime, there are campgrounds open in the Bishop Creek area, Lone Pine and Greys Meadow to the south, and Rock Creek area to the north.
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I want to apologize again for the delayed openings. As of today, Sunday, the following campgrounds are open:
Bishop Park
Intake II
Big Trees

The opening of Four Jeffeys Campground is going to be delayed. There is an underground water tank that must be repaired before the campground can open.
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