Currently, the 12 smaller one-room cabins are $75 plus tax per night and include two singe bunk beds and two extra mattresses.  The 12 larger two-room cabins are $95 plus tax per night and include four single bunk beds.  There is plenty of space inside for chairs or additional sleeping bags on the floor.

An accessible version of each cabin is available. Cabins include bunks, mattress pads, locking doors, and heaters.  Cabins are fully insulated and are walking distance from Burney Falls.  Cabins do not have electricity or lights.

Note: If you would like to bring a dog, there is a $50 additional deposit upon arrival as well as a cabin check at check out.

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NEW: We have created a website dedicated to the cabins at McArthur-Burney Falls. Visit California Cabins for more information.


Burney Falls Cabins Voted Among the Top 25 Cabins in the Country in 2008

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