Located on Mt. Lemmon just northeast of Tucson, Arizona, these campgrounds and lakefront day use areas are a great way to escape the summer heat.

Campground Information

Rose Canyon Lake
Showers Point Group Camp



  • 11th July 2014 As of Friday, July 11, 2014 the fire restrictions will be lifted. Campfires, charcoal and wood grills will be allowed. As always please practice good fire safety. Metal fire rings and grills should be used where available, wood should fit within the fire pit and not hang over the edges or be teepeed in the ring. NEVER leave a fire unattended and be sure it is completely out and cold to the touch before leaving it. Avoid a fire on windy days if possible. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Do not park over dead grass. Fireworks are never allowed on federal lands. We were very pleased with the public's understanding of the fire restrictions this year. Firewood will be for sale from the camp hosts or at the lake store. It is dry and of the correct length. We hope the rest of the camping season will be enjoyable for you.
  • 4th June 2014 Just received word that we will go to Stage II fire restrictions on June 5th, 2014. This means you can not have a wood campfire, cook with charcoal or wood, or use any fire that cannot be turned off. Smoking must be done in an ENCLOSED vehicle. Smoking is never allowed in buildings in the campgrounds. You CAN use a fire that you can turn off such as gas grills, gas or battery lanterns, and propane campfires. It is still beautiful up on Mt.Lemmon with the whispering pines and much cooler temperatures than at lower elevations. Fishing has been very good. Although not having a campfire may dampen some spirits, it would be a travesty to lose the beautiful forest for many, many years into the future. Hopefully rain will come soon and water the vegetation and the fire ban will be lifted.
  • 10th May 2014 All of the campgrounds are now open on Mt. Lemmon. We are currently in Stage I fire restrictions, which in developed campgrounds, like ours, means you can still have campfires in the fire rings, and use the grills. Please remember to keep your fires low and the logs within the fire rings. Please do not put any ashes in the dumpsters-if you need the fire pit or grill emptied, ask the camp host for assistance.

    Of the 73 campsites available at Rose Canyon, five are reservable, and the remainder are first come first served. If you want to make a reservation for one of the reservable single family campsites at Rose Canyon, or for Lizard Rock group day use area at Rose Canyon, Whitetail group use area, or Showers Point group use area, call 1-877-444-6777 or go to www.recreation.gov.

    Federal recreation, camping and tour reservation information - Recreation.gov
    Attend the reopening ceremony on the Washington Monument grounds and perhaps be one of the first to tour inside. Book your tickets now!
  • 1st March 2014 Hope all of you have had a great winter so far!! Rose Canyon campground will plan on opening on Friday April 11th for the 2014 season. Whitetail and Showers Point group areas are planning on opening Friday April 18th. Spencer Campground will open Friday May 2nd.
  • 9th October 2013 We just received word that our water will be turned off by tomorrow evening. Therefore our campgrounds will be closed for the remainder of the 2013 season. This decision was somewhat forced upon us due to someone in Washington giving a direction to stop any use of federal resources, which apparently includes the water supplied to our campgrounds. Please understand it is not our company or the local forest service making these decisions. Thank you for visiting our campgrounds this season and please come back next year. We are planning to open the 2014 season around mid April. Please check back here later for the actual opening date. Have a safe and wonderful winter!