Both beautiful and historic, and totally remodeled in 2009, Juniper Springs features a large campground plus one of the great swimming holes in the state, complete with a historic mill house.  The Juniper Creek canoe run also begins here, and is ranked as one of the best canoe runs in Central Florida.

The Juniper Springs Campground was recently featured in in USAToday “10 great  places to pitch a pup tent”

The Juniper Springs Canoe Run was featured in an article and video from the Tampa Bay Times.

You can find our dedicated RRM website for Juniper Springs here.

You can download the Juniper Springs campground site map here (pdf, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Note:  As of 7/22/2015, the platform at the swim area has been closed to jumping. 


2004, 2007, 2008 Winner of the Top 100 Family Campgrounds in America

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Fire Restrictions Are In Place In the Ocala National Forest
The Forest Service has ordered Fire Restrictions to take effect at 0600 a.m. on Monday, April 10, 2017.

The Restrictions state "Beginning Monday, Aprl 10th, campfires will only be allowed in developed recreation areas. Inside developed recreation areas, fires are limited to pre-installed, metal receptacles designed for fire use such as gas, propane and charcoal grills, lanterns, stoves and campfire rings."

"In addition, small pressurized liquid gas stoves are allowed outside developed recreation areas."

So for those of you who plan on camping along the Florida Trail, campfires are not allowed.

Signs and more infomation is posted in and around Juniper.

Please be very vigilant about putting out your campfires completely. Do not throw cigarettes butts on the ground. Tiki torches, candles nor any other open flames are allowed in the campground nor along the Florida Trail. Please do not park your vehicles on the grass as one simple spark can start a fire.

Thank you so much for keeping Juniper, yourself and fellow campers, the forest and all that live here safe!!
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We want to wish you a Happy Easter! Please remember if you plan on hiding easter eggs at Juniper do not bring real eggs as they are animal attractants. Please leave the plastic eggs empty and give the treats directly to the children. Also, please do not bring the fake grass in the baskets. If animals eat it they can become sick or die. Thanks so much and have a blessed day! ... See MoreSee Less

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An update on the boardwalk. We've received a lot of questions about when the boardwalk will re-open. We realize how frustrating the wait has been. We love the boardwalk as well and want to get it fixed just as quickly as we can. Here's is why it wasn't fixed right after Hurricane Matthew: Juniper does not receive Federal tax dollars to improve things. Recreation Resource Management takes in the revenue we receive from you the customer and in turn takes a percentage of that revenue (based on our contract with the Forerst Service) and puts it back into repairs, additions (like the bear resistant food storage boxes etc.) for the rec area. Since the Hurricane wiped out the boardwalk at the end of the year our budget was pretty much spent so we had to wait until 2017. Us and the Forest Service were trying to come up with a better way of fixing the walkway for longevity but the costs were just too high. So now that we've come to a decision on what we're going to do we are now taking bids for the work. (Bids must be taken for any government project) In conclusion we are hoping to get it fixed in the next month or two. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience but please bare with us through this process. ... See MoreSee Less