Due to high demand, staying at the cabin requires participation in a lottery.  The lottery form and instructions are here:  2016 Sweetwater Cabin Lottery Application.

Sweetwater Cabin is a great way to get away from it all, and has its own spring, swimming area, and canoes.

The Sweetwater Spring Rental Cabin is located in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness Area of the Ocala Naional Forest in the Silver Springs area.  Gated access to the cabin is via approximately 1/2 mile of maintained sandy lane.  The cabin, built in 1935, is a rustic 2 bedroom cabin that sleeps 12, and has a full bath, equipped kitchen including microwave, coffee pot, toaster, dishes and silverware.  The living room has a rustic fireplace for those cozy nights. All you need to bring is your linens, pillows and food.  The cabin is sited on the incredible Juniper Creek inland waterway that flows through the Juniper Prairie Wilderness area.  Additionally, the cabin site overlooks scenic Sweetwater Spring and includes an observation deck sited directly over the spring.  Unfortunately, due to the ecologically sensitive nature of the site, no pets are allowed inside or outside the cabin area.

For active leisure fun, 2 canoes with paddles and life vests are furnished for guests.  Canoeists can negotiate the famous Juniper Canoe Run and egress at Juniper Wayside on SR 19.  Or, if you are looking for a more passive activity, you can enjoy nature at it’s finest by sitting on the screened porch, the observation deck, or by taking a leisure walk in the surrounding woods.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, Sweetwater Cabin is the place to disconnect. Don’t even bother to bring a cell phone or beeper.

Sweetwater Cabin rental reservations are awarded through an annual computerized lottery selection process.  The lottery is open from January 1st through May 31st each year. To enter you must send in a letter with a self addressed stamped envelope and list the three choice weeks you desire to rent the cabin. Weeks run from Friday to Friday and Sweetwater is closed the 1st week of April and 1st week of October for Maintenance. Only one entry per household.

For reservations or more information regarding Sweetwater Cabin call (352) 625-0546. Or, contact:

Recreation Resource Management, Inc.
26701 E. Hwy. 40
Silver Springs, FL 34488



Juniper Reminders: Day use will be closing at 7:00 pm starting tomorrow. The bathrooms will be closing at 6:30 to allow the staff enough time to clean them.

Bear aware reminders: as we move into fall and winter bear activity will increase in the area. Bears have already been seen on Hwy 40. It is imperative that everyone follow the Food Storage Order set forth by the Forest Service. This means that unless you are physically cooking and/or eating ALL food, coolers, drinks, pots, pans, utensils, trash, toiletries (ANYTHING food related or has a smell) MUST be put away in either your car or in the bear resistant storage boxes. No exceptions will be allowed. We've had some resistance from folks regarding this both presently and in the past. This is for YOUR protection and the protection of the bears. If one camper is not complying then that puts the whole loop in danger. Don't be that camper. Besides a fed bear is DEAD bear. Please help us help you be safe this winter season and all year long. Understand that non-comliance can result in a $75.00 fine and/or eviction from Juniper.

We truly appreciate your cooperation is this!!
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Juniper Run Update: the Forest Service cut the tree in such a way to where you can get around it until they can come back and finish the job. The run is open today and until further notice. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Juniper Run update-launch will be closed today so the Forest Service can take care of the big tree down on the run. We hope to be open tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less

Juniper Canoe Run Update: There is still a huge tree down on the run. It is way too big for us to cut by hand (and as you know we're not allowed to take chain saws down) so the Forest Service will be taking care of it on Monday. (The gentlement/ladies that handle this type of thing are a part of the fire crew and they had been deployed to California to deal with all the fires there. They're not coming home until today and need some time off and rest that's why this won't be taken care of until Monday. So let's give them a break and appreciate all their hard work in California) We are going to open launch tomorrow and through the weekend. Just be aware you will have to haul your boat over the tree and keep going should you choose to go. Thank you for your understanding! ... See MoreSee Less

Juniper Canoe Run Update: The canoe launch will be closed tomorrow and possibly Thursday. A huge tree fell and will take some work to remove it. We'll keep you updated! Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less