Barton Springs is a recently renovated campground on the shores of Lake Normandy.  The campground itself offers opportunities for activities from picnicking to quiet relaxing.  It is complemented by a beautiful lake and beach which will provide fun for visitors of all ages.  For more information, please visit our Barton Springs Campground site here.



Barton Springs Campground Drivethrough
A quick drivethrough of what to expect when you come on through! Now sit back and enjoy the view!
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The 4th weekend is about to start! We are looking forward to our campers coming in and we hope you have a good time. I would just like to mention that we will be busy, and there will be many little kids running around. They don't always look for cars or golf carts, so we need to be careful of the kids having fun. Also, a reminder, no fire works are allowed in the camp ground. We hope you all have a happy 4th of July, and have fun with your stay at Barton Springs. God Bless America!! ... See MoreSee Less

We have found a pair of little girls glasses on the beach from the weekend. Please come to the gate house and claim them if you lost them. ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you to all the campers who helped light up the water front. Cedar Point said they could see all of the fires, and I really think we won with all of our camp fires. It was a beautiful weekend for camping, and this coming weekend is going to be just as beautiful. Cedar Point wants to see if they can light up there water front this coming weekend, and beat us with there camp fires. I think we can beat them again, so come on out and help us win 2 weekends in a row!!
We love seeing all of returning long term campers returning for the season. You have all been missed.
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With the sun being out, reservations are starting to pick up, and the water front is booking fast...... the fire wars are on. Cedar Point is going to be able to see us glowing this weekend!! ... See MoreSee Less