As of January 1, 2015, Recreation Resource Management patnered with the TVA on the operation of 6 dam campgrounds under a concession agreement:

The information above and below is about these 6 dam campgrounds only.  If you are interested in other TVA campgrounds we already operate under easements, you may check the separate web sites for each via the links below


Most of the operation of these campgrounds should remain just as you have come to expect in prior years, with the exception that there will be more staff in the campgrounds to serve you.

In 2015, in the first year of this partenership, many improvements were made to the campgrounds

  • New restroom and shower facilities added at Cherokee Dam and Douglas Dam Headwater
  • Reservation System added at Melton Hill
  • Some sites expanded to provide more parking space
  • New signage
  • 24 hour presence by multiple hosts

This year more improvements are planned

  • Camp store at Melton Hill
  • Improved tent camping sites
  • Additional camp sites widened for boat parking
  • New grills, firerings, and picnic tables for some sites
  • New restroom fixtures and renovation at some locations

Does the TVA Still Own These Campgrounds?

Yes, the TVA still very much owns these campgrounds, is actively making investments in them, and works with RRM to maintain and improve the quality of the campgrounds.  The TVA remains in control of use fees and campground rules.  RRM will operate these campgrounds under strict TVA guidance.

Opening Dates

All six of these campgrounds will open on March 15.  The gates will open at 8AM.  They will close for the season in 2016 around mid-November.  More information will be provided as to the exact closing date for each respective campground later this year.


We are starting to accept reservations at these campgrounds.  Reservations can be made today online for Melton Hill and will have reservations in place for them all by the end of 2016.  See each individual web page above for details.

Long-term Stays and Lottery

Some seasonal sites for Cherokee Dams and Pickwick Dam will be available by lottery.   The lotteries will be Sunday April 3, at 10 am Cherokee Dam and Pickwick Dam.  Please bring drivers license number and tag number for recreational vehicle.  Only one site per family.


We are always hiring campground hosts.  To be considered, you must fill out an application here by clicking “apply for a job” on the left.