Upper Lake Mary Day Use Area
Upper Lake Mary Day Use Area

Upper Lake Mary Day Use Area

  • Upper Lake Mary is the largest of Flagstaff's twin lakes. This long, narrow reservoir is especially popular with power boaters and water skiers because there is no motor size limit on it. But it's also popular with those who prefer people-power or windpower over horsepower.


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    Day Use (10 total sites)

    You're liable to see everything from jet boats to rubber rafts, canoes and sailboats all sharing this same body of water. It's a popular fishing spot, too. The lake has northern pike, channel cat, crappie, and some trout.

    Fees are required during the high-use season, generally mid-April through mid-October. Recreation Resources Management (the Concessionaire for this site) offers a seasonal pass for $50.00 accepted at the Upper Lake Mary Boat Launch and Picnic Area, Lower Lake Mary Picnic Area, and Narrows Boat Launch and Picnic Area special fee sites. The pass is only available at these sites.