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Campground Host

A majority of work camping jobs are seasonal, running from about May to October, though some positions in warm weather states like Florida or Arizona may be year-round.

Recreation Resource Management has camp hosts managing stores, marinas, canoe rentals, boat ramps and horseback riding facilities, but the most common position is of course managing a small camp ground or part of a larger campground.

A campground host usually resides in their own RV at the campground they are hosting, and are typically responsible for:

  • Greeting guests
  • Collecting fees
  • Preparing weekly revenue and attendance reports
  • Helping guests solve problems
  • Cleaning exterior and interior facilities (particularly bathroom buildings)
  • Some light maintenance

Update: Our 2021 camp host application is now live. You will need to apply again for 2021 even if you applied in 2020.

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